Why Malaysia

Why Malaysia

Malaysia is among the world’s top trading nations offering world class products such as furniture, palm oil-based, rubber-based and wood products, electrical and electronic products and high quality textiles.

The country’s well-established broad based manufacturing industry contributes to more than 80% of total exports, forming a vital and integral part of economy, committed to a fair and liberal trade with more than 150 countries regionally and globally through various frameworks such as AFTA and APEC. Malaysia supported fair and equitable initiatives in the WTO to strengthen the global trading system.

Malaysia’s Driving Force includes:
• Being one of the world’s largest producer of microchips in producing air conditioners, rubber gloves and palm oil.

• Being Asia’s best communications links with well coordinated and integrated roads and highways, railways, ports, airports and telecommunications systems.

• Having a soundly based in a dynamic ICT development and knowledge-based economy.

• Being a natural niche market in Islamic banking and finance and a well developed financial and banking sector.

• Having strong synergy and co-operation within the country’s public and private sectors.

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