About Malaysia
The federation of Malaysia has a multiracial population of 23 million, comprising 50% Malay, 33% Chinese, 9% Indian, plus indigenous tribes such as Orang Asli and Iban. The languages used are Malay, Chinese, English, Tamil. There are about 52% Muslim, 17% Buddhist, 12% Taoist, 8% Christian, 8% Hindu, 2% tribal.

The Labor Force by occupation in Malaysia includes manufacturing 27%, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries 16%, Local trade and tourism 17%, Services 15%, Government 10%, Construction 9% (1999 est.)

Main agriculture comprises Rubber, Palm Oil, Rice, Subsistence Crops, Rubber, Timber, Coconuts

Exports include Electronic Equipment, Petroleum and Liquefied Natural Gas, Chemicals, Palm Oil, Wood and Wood Products, Rubber, Textiles

Imports from Malaysia includes Machinery and Equipment, Chemicals, Food, Fuel and Lubricants

Our Natural Resources are Tin, Petroleum, Timber, Copper, Iron Ore, Natural Gas, Bauxite

Major Industries includes Tin, rubber, palm oil, timber, oil, textiles, electronics

Major Trading Partners are Singapore, Japan, USA

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