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    Brazil is on its way to becoming an agricultural superpower and soy beans are a major part of that. The South American country produces 38 percent of the soy beans traded on global markets, making it the world's biggest exporter. Soy plants and their derivatives generated over eight billion dollars for Brazil last year. "We have a well-balanced climate here and well prepared soil, too. That's why productivity levels are so high and we also have the potential to increase them. No limits to how much we can grow." Increased productivity means an increase in sales and a need for more land. Soya bean farms are springing up everywhere in Brazil.


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    Physical Specifications
  • Min 55LB/BUSHEL Test weight
  • Max 14.0% Moisture
  • Max 3.0% Total Damage Kernel
  • Max 20% Splits
  • Max 2.0% Foreign Materials
  • Max 2.0% Soya Beans of other colors
  • Min 18 - 18.5% oil
  • Min 34-35% Protein
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